Strategic Manpower Planning

Jumat – Sabtu, 25 – 26 April 2008, pukul 09:00 – 16:30 WIB
Ibis Hotel Slipi/Harris Hotel Tebet

Workshop Description
This program will provide the tactical perspective of the Manpower Planning & Placement (MPP) methodology in organizations. It intends to give manpower planners, supervisors, senior management and staff members at all levels, detailed considerations on the day-to-day know-how of Manpower Planning work. It clarifies qualitative and quantitative aspects of the staffing methodology in organizations.

By focusing on the day-to-day way of determining the staff needed to perform the task of an organization, this program may also foster the common understanding of broader and long-term MPP considerations in the manning process. This program will also clarify the staffing methodology in organizations. It attempts to answer the question of “How”? by focusing on the day-to-day way of determining the staff needed as well as their proper placement to perform the task of the organization.

This program may foster improved common understanding of broader MPP considerations and manning processes. By describing in detail the staffing methodology, this program provides more transparency and awareness of the complex task of MPPs. As a result, it may, on one hand, help to create a better common understanding between staff and management on the business requirements from an operational point of view, but on the other hand, enable an increase in management’s awareness of staff workload and training needs. A higher level of awareness of the business requirements on MPP may also assist in the process of developing and implementing adapted best practices in the staffing of positions

Learning Methodology :
Each topic is introduced with a 15-20 minute lecturette. This is followed by a structured learning activity (e.g., case study). Each session is capped by the integration of insight shared by the participants. Concept presentation, job-related case studies, role-plays, structured learning exercises, program designing, group presentation and feedback, plenary sessions and individual consultation


  1. The change of competition as driver of organization
  2. The alignment of manpower planning with business strategy
  3. The Nature of Organizations
  4. Diagnosing Symptons of Organization Effectiveness
  5. Manpower Planning Process
  6. Basic Assumption in Manpower Planning and its prediction (input-manpower philosophy-output)
  7. Internal & external analysis
  8. Appreciating the Assets and Opportunities of the Organization
  9. The staffing & placement methodology
  10. Short-term to medium-term planning considerations
  11. Long-term manpower planning considerations
  12. Manpower Planning Implication; budget, competencies, HR Tools, etc.

Who Should Attend?

Investasi : Rp 2.950.000,-
Include : Lunch, 2x Coffee Break, Modul, CD Modul, & Certificate Of Accomplishment

Course Leader

Pungki Purnadi, MM
Memiliki sertifikasi HR Management dari Filipina dan telah memiliki pengalaman sebagai profesional HR di beberapa industri selama lebih dari 15 tahun. Selama karirnya di HR berbagai posisi pernah diembannya seperti Head of Training & Develoment, Head of Corporate Man Power Planing, Head of Corporate Career Development, Head of Corporate Organisation Development and Studies, HRD Manager, serta Senior Human Capital Manager. Termasuk di dalamnya beberapa penugasan International dan regional. Pengalaman yang lengkap di dunia praktek HR ini di-‘genap’-kan dengan pengalamannya sebagai trainer dan HR consultant untuk berbagai industri seperti tobaccos, power plant, telecommunication, pulp & paper dan tourism.

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